Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

Six parties. Six parties! 3 Nahlat Binyamin St., 3 Zalman Shneyor St. (at Paul's), the Gymnasia, 5 Peretz Hayut St., Rothscield on shadal, 99 Allenby St. (Radio Rosko - where everyone ended up at 3 in the morning: Vizan, Ya'elle Kayam and Itamar, Sharon, Chicky, Yossi Atiya, Amanda, Maya, Helene and Uri, Sivan, Nimrod the youngster, even Rana).

One surprise kiss.

The city danced with me.

This is how life should be and this is how life is.


Rahul said...

Happy new year Yuv - I was your 1,000th profile view!


Yuval said...

Dude! what an honor you bestowed on me! happy new year to you too and may you keep enriching me all the time the way you do.

Yuval said...

Oh, and the prize of course is free accomodation in Jaffa and lots of good times if you ever come visit.