Friday, January 25, 2008

The Balcony

Still under the weather in every sense, I spent the day at home. By now boredom has driven me to shoot details of the world as seen from my balcony. This is what the boy in the bubble must feel like.

Here's a cute architectural detail across the street.

Here's an Orthodox church in Abu-Kabir.

Here's the lawn, overgrown with wildflowers

and here's yours truly, as reflected in the neighbors' window.

As evening neared, my dear friends Osnat and Flash came over with Osnat's dog Misha, and brought me some chicken soup. The balcony turned from a place of lonelyness to one of togetherness, and the photographer's hat moved to Osnat.

I served them tea with spearmint,

played them a new song I wrote on the guitar (it's about Jerusalem)

ate the soup they brought

and fell in love.

Finally it turned too cold and we moved inside. My friends did me a lot more good than all the medicine has done so far, though the camera and the balcony deserve some credit too.

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