Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Best Thing to Do With the Evening

was to get on a sherut to Jerusalem and spend several hours sipping Guinness at the bar where Gilli works. That's it - no wailing wall, no holy sepulchre, nothing but the boozer, which happens to be directly across from the sherut station. I didn't do too much drinking, I mean, you know what state I'm in. Gilli, on the other hand, went hardcore.

And this was in celebration of good health... At least the whiskey is appropriately Irish.

The Jerusalem - Tel-Aviv lag of the trip back took 32 minutes (sherut drivers are insane). I ended up waiting nearly 30 minutes more for the Tel-Aviv city bus. Finally I got sick of it, took out my guitar and played "Oh Good Shepherd" to the great joy of an elderly woman and a yarmulka-sporting youngster. Then on the bus I got hit on by a truly beautiful woman. No complaints, se ya'll tomorrow.

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