Friday, January 4, 2008

Furthest South

If the trip to Israel's northern tip was fun, the one to its southern extreme is paradise. The Mariinsky (previously Kirov) opera house is visiting Eilat for a three day desert musical fest, which I'm covering for a newspaper.

Maestro Velary Gregiyev, The fest's chief star, is to classical music today what Dylan is to popular music. Speaking to this man is like listening to a Mahler symphony, listening to him conduct a Mahler symphony is like looking out the window of a posh hotel room at the Kingdom of Jordan, its city of Aqaba nestled beneath massive mountains (image provided).

Provided are also a few studies I made during one concert of musical instruments and women's heads. Brass and the glockenspiel are first, then harp and cello and finally percussion. BTW, I never photoshop nor even crop. All images here are presented as they were taken. Hope you enjoy.

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homefris said...

yuval, i love your images. a similar voice to your storytelling tone - focused, bracketed.