Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nearly Solo

"Tmuna" theatre, situated at a delightfully derelict industrial wasteland in eastern Tel-Aviv, is offering a series entitled "Nearly Solo". It is devoted to musical duos. Last night Osnat, Maya, their friends and I cought Asaf Avidan (vocals, guitar) and Hadas Kleinman (cello). The combination was good enough that I forgive Avidan for singing in English - which usually causes me to shun Israeli musicians.

Hell, I'm a fool for the cello. Anything that sounds well with a cello, is good music to me. Here, for like-minded people, is the beginning of Schubert's last work: his powerful and mysterious quintet in C. The ensamble features two Celli instead of two violas. It's a simple twist (Franz's own idea) that produces sublime textures. I used to think of this interpertation as aggressive, now I think of it as sharp. Enjoy.

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