Tuesday, January 8, 2008


A rainy morning's visit to Moon River's blog proved to be a fine idea. Less a blog than than a gallery of art, its line of curating is at once erratic and coherent. Recent acquisitions include offerings by Aubry Beardsley's pen and Jordi Savall's baton, both sharp. On this morning, however, I relate most strongly to this. Trust me, click on it.

Moon River has a special interest in art that involves maps. I'm thinking of my Bostonian friend Mark Schafer who used to put together "imaginary maps". One such work hangs in my kitchen. It's a convincing combination of two world maps that makes Latvia easily accessible to Australians, etc. Another piece of his I find online is more rainy-day-like.

There's something Ane Brun's clip and this piece by Schafer have in common: a deliberate darkness that goes well with the way the city looks today. Beardsley and Savall deliver it too. I'm an expert on bright daylight, perhaps somewhat unsexily so. This kind of beauty and this kind of weather both help me somber-up nicely.


3asl said...

That should come with a label. Warning: already sad or ambivalent people might want to think twice about watching while alone.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful clip. Lingering black heart of darkness. Just the way we like it…