Sunday, December 30, 2007

An Unforseen Problem of the Dating Life

When you're in my bed
Don't talk about Eric
Don't talk about Eric.
Me and my whatshamicallit don't like Eric
Eric causes us to shrink.

This plea belongs to Israeli singer Shlomi Shaban. His song about a woman simultaneously dating two men was a big hit on Israeli radio two or three years ago.

Don't talk about Eric
Don't talk about Eric
Don't talk about Eric
Don't talk.
You wanna talk about Eric?
Go be with Eric.
Don't talk about Eric
No more.

Life has bestowed Erics on me and made me an Eric to others multiple times this passing year. It's perfectly fine when a woman casually dates a few guys - bring the competition on, I say. It's another thing when she has someone who's been taking her seriously for a while and yours truly ends up playing third wheel. I escape these situations as soon as the facts come to light, but this doesn't always happen on the first or even third date. In at least one instance, it took a week for the "other guy" to get cautiously mentioned, and another for him to be crowned "boyfriend".

So what's the story with this Eric,
That you're always reminded of him
When you're with me?
Are you playing this game two-directionally?
When in Eric's room, are you speaking of me?

Needless to say, this late in the game my heart was already crackling like a bag of microwave popcorn. Her's was too, it seems. She quickly left the guy to be with me, then felt uncomfortable and left me too. See what I tell ya, these things don't end well.

Another girl pulled Mr. boyfriend out on me while we were being intimate. Trust me, few things are more frustrating. When I was married I made a point of bringing up my wife whenever I happened to speak to a pretty girl, as early in the conversation as possible. Why don't I deserve similar treatment?

Don't talk about Eric
Don't talk about Eric
Don't talk about Eric
Don't talk.
See, you just mentioned Eric
And I've gone a bit berseric.
Don't talk about Eric
No more.

Girl the third said she only wanted casual fun and was afraid of falling in love. She let me know that there's someone else in the background. Only later did I find out that that someone else was never told about me, nor was he told that she only wants casual fun. What a shame, she was knockout.

I told her that I don't mind being superior to other men, taking the first place on her list as she did on mine. I don't mind being equal to other men if that's the agreement, but I can't be made inferior to them. No go.

This Eric, she added, he's right-on!
If he's right on, I wondered, why are you right-on-top-of-me?
And seeing that you are anyway right-on-top-of-me,
Why is he right-on-top-of-us?
Why is he our Eric burden?
What have we done wrong?

Girl the fourth was the likeliest candidate for wild romance I've met in a while. I wonder how well she fits her Eric. Four in the morning of our first night out was when I got the "ummm, see, here's the problem..."

Don't talk about Eric.
No more.

There was a redeeming factor in this last case: she was sensing that she herself may be faced with an Erica on her Eric's side (Is this getting confusing?). I still took a step backwards. "Listen," I told her, "There was a time in my early 20s when I could not get dates with girls, but for some reason was constantly hit on by gay men. These days I'm a hit with girls who are taken. I'm not into that."

Oh, but I still prefer them to the guys, and I prefer such misadventures to loneliness and boredom, so long as no one gets hurt. I'll take this chance to wish you all a happy new year, a year of true love or of messy romance, whichever you prefer.

And now the truth,
I want the truth.
Who's a better lay? Eric or myself?
What do you mean "each one's different"?
Give grades, lady,
Give numbers.

Don't even answer me,
Don't even answer me,
Don't even answer me -
It's none of my business.
See, you just mentioned Eric,
And I've gone a bit berseric,
Don't talk about Eric
No more.


mishmishstudio said...

Hi Yuval

I've been reading your blog for a while and I truly enjoy your writing.

Love is a complicated thing and honesty and momentum are very important in developing a relationship.
Being divorced and dating myself, I could identify with your side and I wish you'd meet the girl of your dreams with no Eric's in the background.
keep on the good job


Helene said...

Well Yuval...

Un homme fraîchement divorcé n'est-il pas tout à fait exactement dans le "momentum" pour se lancer à rebâtir une nouvelle relation? Tu fais alors l'amant parfait de ces dames à la recherche d'un peu d'aventure et de stimulation en tous genres...?

Puisse 2008 être l'année de la rencontre de ta perle rare, mais surtout, continue d'écrire, c'est tout simplement délicieux!!!

Yuval said...

J'ai jamais dit que je suis un ange, mais j'aime bein toucher quelque chose plus que le corps quand je touch une femme, meme si c'est que pour une aventure. Si je touche pas son ceour ou au moins un coin de cet ceour, je devient desinteressé tres tot. Les Erics du monde, ca veut dire - le vieux petits copains etablies, sont souvent les guardiens de ces ceours touts completes (sauf les petit chambres dedies aux doutes).

J'ai decidait d'utilise cette titre confortable d'un "homme fraîchment-divorcé" le plus longtemps que ca sera possible, pour expliquer tous mes faiblesses comme un amant. J'ai demandais d'une nouvelle emigré combien de temps peut il utilise le titre d'un "ole haddach" (neuveau emigré Juif) en Israel, elle m'a dit que ca expire apres dix annees. Bien alors, je resterai fraîchment-divorcé pour le neuf annees suivantes.

Bonne nouvelle année. Merci pour le compliment, et n'oublie pas de me noitifier si tu decides a ecrir un blog toi meme. il sera facinant sans doute.

EllaDan said...

רק עכשיו צירבתי האלבום הזה. איזה שיר טוב!