Sunday, October 19, 2008

Foot Fetish

This has got to be the best photo of me ever taken: no double chin, no dumb expression, for once I actually look grounded. Hint, my feet are the ones with tufts of hair above the toes.

There's much more to a photo of feet than straightforward podiatry. Everything that's beautiful in life is in this photo. The setting is right: plain tiles of a Tel-Avivian apartment with cheap candy sprinkeled over them for color, that's our eternal war with the mundane right there. The company is telling: all feet, besides mine, are feminine. Out of all things that are beautiful in life, men are responsible for 16.6% if we're lucky.

Ulla is here, on the bottom, representing old loves and sheer wonderfulness. Hadas, on whose birthday this was taken, is the arts, joie de vivre, originality and guts. Her toes are the ones decorated with what looks like little old fashioned locomotives. Y the spy's perfect red nail polish and slender sandal tan lines hint to the classical beauty we never cease to seek - and she's also the top name in adventure.

Noam, top left hand corner, is music, travel, cool attitude and ambition. The more I know of her, the longer this list becomes. Goni, top center, is for me Tel-Aviv and the sacred present moment: if not for her sensative lense, none of you would be staring now at 60 toes and reading my ode to them. I assure you that I appreciate other parts of the body as well, (especially the uvula, which helps English speakers memorize my name) and that we didn't eat the candy after this was shot.

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