Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, Well, Well

I'm in Budapest for work, but sometimes work gives you just what you need. I needed this streetscape.

I needed the baths.

I needed this language, which sounds like Finnish but reads like Martian.

I needed the river (the second broadest to pass through a European capital, after the Dnyepr at Kyev).

I needed to go out to the theater with beautiful women (here is Anna, our representative from of the Hungarian Tourist Office)

and to the circus with handsome men (My friend and occasional editor Sami).

I needed the forest.

I needed rooftops,

lots of rooftops,

lots and lots of rooftops.

but more then anything else, I needed autumn, and there's plenty of that here to go around.


Theodore said...

Well that was a needy moment of yours...

מאשה said...

מהמם :)
האם זה סמי דואניאס? אם כן, מסור לו דש חם

Rahul said...

Your pictures remind me that I really need to get a camera. Does your hair color change in the fall??

Anonymous said...

I like your hair that way - Frizura Royal.