Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not a One-Dream-Man

I promised silence, but then this cloud started bursting. I was standing with my sad friend at the edge of the market and over the last in a sea of tin roofs we saw madness of light in the distance. A single cloud on the dark horizon was exploding with released electric charges.

My sad friend, over red wine at the Radio Rosco, silent, smoking "Camel".

A happy friend, on Gmail chat, telling me: "yuval, you are not a one-dream-man."

And then, today, this piece of music. It's a familiar, even banal Israeli song, expressing an aspiration for better days. Chava Alberstein is seen here singing it in the midst of the October 1973 war: the most traumatic event in Israel's history. The days were filled with death and Alberstein is clearly not in a typical emotional state.

Chocolate from the fridge, badly heated goulash in a downtown diner.

Meeting Mercedes Sosa at a Ramat Gan conference center - watery coffee and "kosher parve" desserts. My sad friend joined me as photographer. "I got pictures of her laughing," she says.

A good review of my book.

The plane waiting to take me to Budapest.


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