Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Late Bloomer

My friend Y the spy is an expert in making people do things they never intended to do and tell their innermost secrets to the mass media. Last night she did a truly unbelievable thing: she got me to go on Facebook.

I've been Facebook resistant for years, now I'm going a little psycho, sitting overwhelmed, playing with little gadgets, trying to figure out the politics, the etiquiette and the technological quirks of the great cyberbash. So far I have 27 friends and nothing to say to any them. One ex-lover accepted my invitation, another declined, I defined my religious nature as being "Tinkerbell agnostic". Those who know me, know what this mean, those who don't - need not apply. (o, but do apply!)

Meanwhile, Y the Spy is hiding behind a bush in a northern city, spying on a real life murderer. She's been doing it since the early morning. it's her job, I'm not making this up. this woman lives in multiple virtual realities. I guess in this age it's a skill we must all posses.


James said...

hey Yuval, James here - Jeff's friend. I was rafting this wknd with him & he said we would get on, so I signed up to the blog, and now I see you're an fb'er! take care - its addictive, I've been there only 10 days and now am playing all sorts of games & nonsense! anyway, will now go and seek you out in cyberland! look forward to meeting again for real (I'm the guy who lived in Donegal....)

nadavappel said...

Did I prophesy this or did I not?

(clue: I did)

Yuval said...

Yes, and you are precious friend #33! right on.

Jeff said...

Yuval, may your cyber social life be only a constructive force for you, and may we still manage to stay in touch via blog and email. Facebook can be a source of evil so I hope you use it responsibly.

Gonna miss you.

lazy_n said...

Try to beat my score on the Word Challenge!

Smith said...

Hi there, at Everywhere (know it' a year later). Weird question, but I define myself as a Tinkerbell Agnostic as well, but I can't remember who initially coined the term. I know I heard it on one of dawkin's talks, but he quoted someone else & I've been looking to find the person.