Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Strange place, that Germany

While sorting my photos from Germany for the different articles I wrote there, I was struck by how many of them were bizzare or just plain funny. Germany may not be stranger than anywhere else. It's the fact the camera is in the hand that draws attention to peculiar details, but this little feast of surrealism is my best way to bid that land farewell for now.


biaellie said...

oh I love these pictures! especially the first one from the wedding ceremony in wittenberg. it basically just goes to show that getting married is tough stuff, I guess.

Nasrawi said...
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Nasrawi said...


I'm writing to say your blog is great. It makes people think. I originally came upon it by googling 'qat in rosh ha'ayin' and I'd like to thank you for your suggestions and directions.

Anyway, I browsed your other posts and I like your message. I think the majority of people in Israel strive for a shared humanity and (the ever elusive and often misunderstood) 'peace'.

But I'm not so sure that the majority understand, though you do, that 'peace' comes about once the wrongs of the past have been unveiled, discussed, negotiated, frustrated, hurt and healed before we can talk about realising a genuine shared humanity on this land.

This realisation needs to come from within the majority and you are doing a good job at it. Thank you.