Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Berlin, Berlin, Ich fahr nach Berlin.

How can I describe what it feels like, hitching to Berlin?

I can show you the people I met on the way: Julia the hitcher, Ronen, the half French, tattooed, food lover, Justina and Marshall, who are in love, Alex and David, the most courteous drivers in history. (Alles ist geil!)

I guess it can all be described.

But Berlin cannot. the world capital of thoughts and of feelings, that ugly disaster of a city that is somehow the most interestingly spirited place on earth, I'll leave it for your imaginations, your memories and hopefully, one day, your lifted thumbs.

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Mysli's Observatory said...

a nice post. i'll have to visit Berlin soon.

your profile picture. the artist painted it when he found out that he had gotten a veneral disease. Shit happens and sometimes good comes out of it.

Where are you travelling now?