Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Amazing imagery in my recent dreams: cliffs by a restless sea bearing another restless sea atop them, the waters of the upper sea occasionally gushing over the rocks to the one beneath; A girl is flying a kite in a field where massive electric poles stand. The kite soars high and she calls to me for help. I take the reins, then fear entanglement in the wires and slowly begin to roll the string in.

Time to embark on a new novel.

Another image worth poeticising: The papers show Olmert and Assad coming within four feet of each other and ignoring one another, avoiding even a cordial "hello" and a handshake. I am pleased once more to see that our world is run by grown ups.


masha said...

זה קטע די מדהים, העניין עם חוטי החשמל. אצלי זה מוטיב חוזר כמעט בכל חלום על תעופה (וכמעט תמיד אותו תהליך התמודדות איתם - חשש, פחד, התגברות והתרחקות).
אפילו כתבתי על זה שיר :-)

Rachel said...

And if they did say "hello," the brutality would end?

homefris said...

run by grown-ups, indeed. maybe that is where your kite-flying imagery is coming from? you watching the children play at risky things where strings inevitably get caught? hmm.

send me some of your new writing if you do get at a novel, i'd love to see it.