Tuesday, July 15, 2008


As was the case last year, the annual Bastille Day celebrations at the French Ambassador's residence in Jaffa started off as a routine, albeit posh, diplomatic affair, with Shimon Peres speaking slowly and champagne being served along with tarrine de campagne and fine cheese. It erupted eventually into a pretty happening dance party with a goofy early 90s soundtrack.

You gotta love France, the land that brings together army officers, quirky poets and monks on a Jaffa lawn, pours the jar into them, then gets them dancing. For me it was a terrific little interlude in a week made up of check chasing (a freelancer's life is hard), babysitting (see previous post), family expansion (see previous post) and getting dehydrated (see weather.com).

I contributed my own share to the festivities by comparing baguettes for the Haaretz website. The result is worth reading, but don't miss out on this cool little Francophile number by Kiwi act Flight of the Conchords either.

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