Sunday, July 6, 2008


It's a whisky and Mozart afternoon.
My work is all done, only Ben calls periodically from Hebron,
asking for directions.

I came back from the Prince, met there with a PR guy,
The flies in the yard bugged us just a bit.
I suggested he promotes my book as a fresh look at Israel,
one that embraces its grit.
Phone's vibrating in my pocket - it's Ben.

They began arresting the human rights groups
as soon as they arrive into Hebron.
Only settlers will show the city from now on.
I direct Ben to the rooftop from which they'd throw feces on the market crowds.
Sip on my whisky, listen to Mozart.

Mozart wrote so well for the harp. He really respected it.
Always in conjoinment with some wind instrument. In this case:
the oboe.
The back of the record sleeve reads:
Adagio und Rondo c-moll Für "Glasharmonika"
Flöte, oboe, viola und violoncello, KV 617 (11'00)
Nicanor Zabaleta, Harfe
Mitglieder des
Kammerorchestre Paul Kuents.

I still prefer the flute and harp concerto.
Ben calls from Hebron. I answer with a stomach full of baguette.
This morning I compared baguettes for an item in Haaretz (bastille day is at hand).

No bastille day in Kiryat Arba.
Man, that would be a blood bath.
The best baguette was from "Le Moulin" on Bugrashov. Ben calls.
Damn this record is scratched.

But the whisky is very good.

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