Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Charles Clore Park Embankment Haiku #4

I've been writing less recently. nothing the matter, I've simply been writing more recently - working on a literary project, that is. So far, this one works like it should: it drains me to the bone. I empty myself on the page (okay, file) each day, and so there's relatively little left to bring here.

However, since I love my blog readers and they are always on my mind, here's the full set of Charles Clore Park embnakment haikus, including the latest addition: springtime.

Looking over dark,
Warm waves at two in the morn -
One sad pious Jew.

Migrating sparrows,
a sliver moon and a kite
look down at the sun.

Wearing long, dark coats
A disharmonic choir of
Drunk Palestinians.

Walking back at morn
From my lover's downtown flat
To Jaffa's poppies.

I'll soon return to full form with more astounding tales, irreversible exposures of my political nature, musings on disposable pieces of 18th century recorder music and the occasional photographed mountain. See ya'll!

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smadare said...

I just love the way you write!!