Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A few days ago downtown lover wondered aloud whether peacocks could be found in the wild. I answered positively but in truth wasn't quite sure.

Here in Macedonia, they can be found on the money

and on trees

and just plain out and about.

If you play them right, they will spread for you

If you're really gentle they let you come very close.

But in reality this is a very unpeacocky country. Modest, warm and mind nubmingly beautfiul, it wins the heart effortlessly. I'll do it a favor and spread a little fan for it right here. All these photos were taken over the course of two days with foul photo-weather.



Anonymous said...

How do you get there from Israel? Can you catch boats and trains? Would it take long?

Girl who speaks in tongues

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

3asl said...

really lovely. Nice eye, Y.

lazy_n said...

A fun fact about peacocks is that some of their brilliant colors are what is sometimes called "physical colors". This means that the color you see is not the result of pigments in the feather material, but of diffraction from the microscopic structure of the feather. This also produces a "shimmering" effect because the color you see depends on the angle of incidence.

It looks like great photo (and everything) weather to me. What is it with people ans sunshine. Don't you realize that the Sun is our enemy.

Smadar said...

Yuval, I hope you'll forgive me, but being a good PR person I will start by answering the first question: you can get to Macedonia with Eshet-Tours direct flights starting May 30'th. It's only two and a half hours to Ohrid Lake by plane.

But that's not why I'm here...
Yuval, I came here to reflect on the last few days, and also to have a moment alone with your blog and remember how special you are.
I have to say it's been a real privilege to get to know you the little we did and I'd love to know more…

Tell Orit she's really lucky!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Smadar. Is Eshet-Tours something you're involved in? I asked my original question with only vague and far into the future plans in mind - I have some friends planning to travel around the world within the next few years and they have a massive heart for the Balkans - I'm moving to Israel in June so am thinking it may be fun to meet up with them there, whether or not they reach Israel themselves. I'm usually up for an adventure which is why travelling by boat and train has even more appeal to me... the journey is the destination...

Girl who speaks in tongues

smadar said...

Yes, Girl. I'm Eshet-Tours PR person.
I'd love to help with details regarding getting to and from Macedonia, but I'm not sure Yuval's Blog is the place to do it... :)
You can contact me at

Anonymous said...

Saibaba! - thanks again Smadar. I don't actually need to find anything else out at the moment but will try to remember for future reference - I'll put your email with a note in my email account.

: )