Monday, April 21, 2008

Full Bloom

According to common wisdom, the Israeli year is made up of two seasons only: summer and non-summer (another version states a different pair: summer and a disagreable, hot summer). It makes no sense to argue about the weather, but what's happening right now can only be described as springtime, printemps, primavera, rabi'a, aviv.

It's in the blossoms: Tel-Aviv's mundane, residential Bloch street is full of hazy purple ones, a dream! it's in the dresses that make me want to compliment every woman I see (accidently bumping into a complete stranger today, I found myself saying: "pardon me, beautiful"). It's in the enormous inflated duck that appeared overnight atop our city hall, the first step in late cartoon legend Dudu Geva's plan for duckyfication of Tel-Aviv.

It's in the rebellious spirit: tomorrow a grand poetry event is planned outside a closed textile factory in the south, to protest the erosion of workers' rights in Israel. Friday the brave at heart will come to show solidarity with the Hebronites (contact me for details). Springtime has always been good for revolutions, duck-like or duck-irrelevant. Let's blossom with it.


Anonymous said...

Warning! See Please Here

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuval - loved your Liberty post - you really are prophetic you know. I don't think that the email address I have for you works and I can't use the contact through this blog, but if you can leave a comment here with a bit more about Friday and Hebron then I'll pray for it. Otherwise you could email me - if you have my surname (remember it's a pattern) - it's my first initial no stops or commas then my surname

I'll try to remember to pray anyway.

Hope you and DTL are well,

Girl who speaks in tongues