Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Right Feast

So downtown lover and I went to Madrid, which was really a grand town. At times it resembled New York

at times it resembled Paris

and at times it resembled Naples.

This is all very nice, but the weather was consistantly bad, so we took a train south to Andalucia and wandered between the ancient cities of Cordoba and Seville, which seemed to exist on a seperate continent. At times they resembled Morocco

at times they resembled Mexico

and at times they resembled Disneyland

The cities enticed us with contrasts

with exoticism

and with churros

This was a good trip for two urbanites. Still, Spain looked really good through the train window

so we ended up doing some hardcore traveling. First we headed east in Sevilla and chanced it,

trveling through gentle, pretty Andalucia,

deepening into the countryside

until we happened upon a friendly cookout. A bunch of friends from the nearby town, Carmona, got together to spend a Saturday afternoon in the valley . they invited us to join.

It was a right feast.

In fact, they treated us like kings

By the time we were done it was too late to hitch. At a cafe on the plaza of Caromona we asked at what time the next bus to cordoba left and were replied: "Mañana". So we were stuck.

but the town did not lack charm

nor nice views

it even had a hotel

and I mean the sweetest hotel ever

and the best tapas!

It resembled nothing either of us has ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Great photo-blog man! You are definatly learning.

EllaDan said...

Ah your trip sounds so nice and seat-of-the-pants!

EB said...

I'm so jealous you two were in Spain. Makes me ache to go back. Did you see Flamenco in Sevilla? Or street Flamenco guitarists? The best.

Yuval said...

There were old guys on the local train between Cordoba and Sevilla singing flamenco for their own amusment. One of them was a qualified musician and the others were trying to imitate his talent and making fun of themselves. It was a real treat.