Monday, March 16, 2009


Today we don't have to work. Today we're going to the freeway.

Because there's a flea market by the freeway.

With plenty for a girl to sort through. I personally appreciate any flea market that offers the cheap wine and olives of yesteryear. There's something about liquid antiques that's just too goofy to resist.

Today we don't have to work, we can go to art-space "104" and attend an ambiant elctronic music show by DJ Olive. The audience is made to lie on the floor,

Then Olive hypnotizes them, not an unpleasant experience.

Today nobody has to work, everybody goes to the Bassin de La Villette and the Canal St. Martin to celebrate fair weather and water.

It is by this canal that we encounter springtime's first blossoms.

and other phenomena that befits the season.

A pink evening falls over a day in which we didn't have to work. Thank god for mussels, wine and the gently pulsating Rue Timbaud that still stand between us and tomorrow.

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Rahul said...

Love the photos, Yuv.