Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fetch the Broom and Lift the Rug, Akhi.

Haaretz is first to expose testimonies of IDF soldiers who participated in the Gaza war. Those were spoken at a gathering of graduates of a pre-military preparatory course in Tivon.

Soldiers said they felt they were performing cold blooded murder. One told of taking over a family's home and smashing photos frames, dishes, any remnant of the family. Why? "because they're Arab". Instructions for opening fire were astonishingly lax. You see someone you don't like - shoot in the air, he doesn't run away? second shot is to the face. More than 1000 people were killed in Gaza during the operative, among them over 350 children.

The IDF is now said to be examining the matter. Gotta work out how to explain this to ourselves so we can calmly move on to the next war. There must be a way. This is, after all, the most moral army on earth. The justifications must be there somewhere. Give us a month or two.

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