Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Weekend in Review

It kicked off with our evening of erotic poetry (pictured: master of the genre Aaron Shabtai)

Then a bunch of us went and squatted at the back of the Prince.

Near the Riffraf bar there was a party and it poured out into the street.

Adam joined me the following day for lunch. He is seen here with the famous Abu Hassan queue in the background.

Then it was time to buy pickles and cheese at the delis on Jerusalem Ave.

A lazy efternoon of newspapers followed.

Saturday Jaffa was a motorist's hell

And a paradise for all who love the smell of roasting meat.

Italian soda was served at Paul's Cafe

And at home: halved petrucian sausages done in wine, mint, portabellos and yams. Peace and a great new week to all.

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Aliza said...

yay! i am so happy to see these pictures. wandered here from atzel 3asl. it brought me back. hope you keep posting scenes from there. i liked the other posts from hanasich hakatan, consider this a request, more of that! merci kter :)