Friday, March 21, 2008

Cellphone Purim

Such a fool I am! I left home without my camera on Purim! I really should have had something better than my phone on me when I ran into Che Guevara (alias Flashki) on Herzl St.

Or when downtown lover and I tried to dress up as a stuffy French couple and ended up as two goofy Marcel Marceaus

(though a wig left behind by someone at a party saved at least one of us from complete ridicule.)

I should have had it today in Jerusalem, where the ultraorthodox kids dressed up as Elijah the Prophet and as the Grand Priest of Solomon's temple (top left is what they usually look like)

and certainly, certainly I should have had it today at Maayan magazine's top notch party, when at last the Guevara hat reached the head it was meant for.


Rebecca said...

I like cellphone pictures better (better? differently better) than real-camera pictures...they are much more enchanting, the polariod of our generation...

Yuval said...

Yeah, I saw the cellphone shot story on your blog - cool indeed.