Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tel-Aviv's Inimitable Nights

Last night at the "Prince" Dana Guidetti was giving an impersonation of herself. It came out fairly convincing.

Vizan then impersonated me: "You won't believe it, Vizanov!" he yelled impassionedly, "There are eighteen Japanese composers here!"

Flashki, usually the man of many guises, was not at his best, but pulled out another party trick: he stopped his breath and flushed his face till his skin turned all violet.

Give us all a break, dear readers. It's been a tough day.


Anonymous said...

Shalom Yuval. This really is nothing to do with your post - I just wanted to share some British music with you. It's inspired, haunting and maybe crazy 'Bat For Lashes'. My suggestion is to check out the 'What's A Girl To Do' video on Utube.

Girl who speaks in tongues : )

Yuval said...

Cheers! I've actually come accross this one on Rahul's blog (linked to on my main page).