Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boy de Vivre

The going away party for Theo Boy (pronounced Boo-ah) Was a going away party to summer. Theo is now back to his native France, where he will be studying film at the Sorbonne.

There's no greater praise for a summer than to say it was marked by Theo. This one strongly benefited from his "OK". A possible scenario: We're at the bus terminal in Tel-Aviv waiting for a Jerusalem bound bus when I jokingly suggest we'll go to Eilat instead.

Theo: "OK" (joined by a shrug. He actually shrugs).

So I'm just playing, but Theo is an authentic free spirit. If I follow his cue, we will actually make it to Eilat and beyond (Aqaba - Amman - Damascus - Tehran - Saturn). Our traveling instincts joined forces and were joined in turn by my travel book project. this caused everything this summer to be a journey, from playing mankala with available stones on a rock in the Golan Heights to having a late night beer at "Grandma's Ice Cream Shop" in Tel-Aviv.

Of course Theo's mark on this summer went well beyond "OK". There's a quality of friendship that is expressed only by the finest of people. you will always feel relaxed with them and they will always let you know you are wanted.

I'm a bit of a rich man in terms of fine friendships. Just to drop one more name: Amit, who always impresses me by how versed he is in the art of friendship. Theo is taking his own talent back to France. It will be sorely missed in Tel-Aviv, Tehran and Saturn.

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