Thursday, September 13, 2007


Walkling to Jaffa at crack of dawn from a lovely campfire gathering, I hear the first day of the Jewish new year mixing with the first day of Ramadan. The call of the mouezin and the bass beat of the holiday night's club parties form a polyphony along the promenade.

Allaaah akbar!
Suavemente, besaaaame!
Allaaahu akbar!

Ramadan kareem to one and all, shana tova, khag same'akh, kul am wa'intum bkheir.

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Ariela said...

Hey, your adventures in the last week sound exciting from what you wrote. I thought your observance of tashlich (sp) was especially interesting. I myself sort of made a get away for the holidays by going to park Timna for an electronic music festival. They did an amazing job of setting up the park with beautiful auditoriums amongst the rocks and huge bedouin tents scattered around the desert to stop for chai tea or a good nap in the sun after an overdose of trance. (altho i'm not sure there is such a thing as too much trance for some people after this weekend) Anyhow, I'm back in Tel-aviv. I volunteer during most days but I'd like to meet up sometime this week. If you know of any fun events or anything going on around the area, give me a heads up. Shana Tova v' metukah