Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Declaration of Intentions

A blog hanging on the wall in the first act will shoot in the third. This is a new dawn for "Everywhere". Ten months have passed since the beginning of the long break, and most things have deteriorated since. We've got a deeply reactionary government, a new political police pretending to be an immigration police. It intimidates opposition protesters and gets rid of the foreigners among them, then the formal police arrests the rest. We've got a foreign policy consisting of making ambassadors sit on low, uncomfortable chairs and putting them down in a language they can't understand. We've got a Prime Minister who tells us foreigners are stealing our job and causing us to "become third world".

When the macro is in the dumps, the micro sometimes blossoms. On the personal level I've been having a great year, lost very few hairs and gained hardly any wegiht. I got to travel far and wide: to Bangkok, to the Polish-Ukrainian frontier country, to Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Jaljulya... I've got Itka by my side and it's stronger and more passionate than ever. I'm theatre critic with a major newspaper and am posting my reviews on yet another blog. I've completed another book (still unpublished, possibly unpublishable) and made lots of new friends. In short, this paragraph finds me well enough physically and mentally to take arms against the previous paragraph and kick the national reality in its graceful little bullocks, which, with the kind help of your reading eyes and typing fingers, I intend to do.


Yaelian said...

Nice to see this blog still is alive and things seem to be great with you:-) (unfortunately not with the state,as you wrote..)

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that teh big newspaper that you are writing in, is a right wing capitalist news paper. yey left wing activists!

יובל בן-עמי Yuval Ben-Ami said...

It's indeed one of a few such newspapers, and in the current clime, only a right-leaning newspaper can afford to pay salaries to its writers.

Anonymous said...

Israeli politics’ is theatre at its finest and, who better to review it than the ever iridescent Mr Yuval Ben Ami. Now I plead and implore you to bring your thought provoking production of the retelling of the children’s classic fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” to the boards of the Edinburgh Festival, it’s a tale whereby a distinguished foreign elderly statesman gets to sit in Baby Bear’s chair to much hilarity. Please do come, they would of course be seats for everyone and …everything.

Welcome back Yuval

Anonymous said...

ahhh ok if they pay good salaries then i guess it's ok. that is the lamest excuse i have heard ever! so you cooperate with the right wing to get your cup of espresso and ten flights a month, a fighter for human rights you are!

יובל בן-עמי Yuval Ben-Ami said...

This will be my last response to you, as you do not identify yourself and I find this to be quite ungentlemanly/unladylike of you.

Israel Hayom is a rare newspaper in that is hiring salaried magazine writers, due to the crisis in the printed media. It never forced me or caused me to write against my conscience. Nor has it paid for a single trip I have taken abroad. I either pay for them myself, or am traveling at the invitation of countries interested in promoting their cultural assets or tourism.

Moreover. Israel Hayom is about to carry a very critical article I've written concerning treatment of Arab Israelis by government alauthorities. If I had any doubts as to the text's reception by the paper, they are gone. It was recieved extremely warmly. Mind you, this is much too big and potent a piece to be considered a fig leaf.

Yes, we sometimes make concessions to survive, but this is hardly aconcession. Yossi Beilin writes for Israel Hayom, as did Zehava Galon, and other associated with the left. I'm no bleeding heart. This is as good and as flawed a newspaper as any of the others. I'm happy to be creating within it and hope to be doing more and more outside of it.