Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ladies in La

Last year, while attending my first ever Eilati classical music festival, I took photographic studies of women's faces with musical instruments. The guest orchestra was St. Petersburg's Mariinski ensamble, which made for some very striking faces in a full symphonic setting. I posted those photos here.

This year, I found myself being more daring and shooting entire female musicians while they make music, from opera singer Daniella Lugassi in diva attire to Georgia's own Anna Kakhidze on the synth. In what is becoming my version of the annual swimsuit issue, I bring you this year's fetching women making music in Eilat, feast your ears.

and since the best thing about last year's post was the photo of the view from my hotel window, I'm attaching the current one, as a farewell to this very fun weekend.


James said...

great selection of shots Yuval - there certainly is something very sexy about women musicians....I wonder if any women took pics of the certainly very sexy yo yo ma last night in Jerusalem?

Yuval said...

There's simply something sexy about musicians period (and I'm not saying that just because I can strum a few Dylan tunes on the guitar). The best looking musician at the Eilat festival was decidedly unfeminine, bearded, six feet tall conductor and composer Vakhtang Kakhidze.

Anonymous said...

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