Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tolerance, Love, Christmas

Pope Benedict the 16th said today in his pre-Christmas address that "protecting humanity from homosexual and transexual behaviour is as important as protecting the rain forests." He added that "The church must protect humanity from self-destruction."

Coservative Benedict is hardly an expert on saving humanity from self destruction. He is a poor choice of a pope, who is responsible to the deaths of millions by preaching against contreceptives at a time when the African continant is dying of AIDS. Due to his negligence and refusal to protect human lives, he may already be considered the greatest killer in human history. More harmful body-count-wise than Hitler (in whose youth organization Benedict was once a member), Stalin and Mao.

Furthermore, he is causing deadly harm to the glorious holy see. While speaking of "self destruction" Benedict is promoting the self destruction of the Catholic church. I, for one, have always been in love with Catholic peoples, from the Irish to the Poles, and yet such homophobic words stir strongly Protestant feelings in me (particularly Episcopalian ones). I'd like to wish a very merry Christmas to anyone who doesn't follow the path shown by that poor, disgusting bigot, (critical Catholics included), and a happy new year in which both rainforests and human dignity are protected.

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