Saturday, December 13, 2008

Natten går tunga fjät, runt gård och stuga.

Yes! today is my favorite holiday: the nocturnal, mysterious, slightly macabre, coffee-scented, candle-lit, Swedish Sankta Lucia day.

Enjoy the beautiful santa lucia song clipped on to this older post about the holiday. I once passed a shabby trombone player on dizengoff street who was playing it to the indifferant public. That was one random, delightful moment.


Yaelian said...

Yes and it is also celebrated in Helsinki today. Here is the Lucia of Finland
Hon sprider ljus i vintermörkret---

Yuval said...

Wow. Olen rakkaudessa.

sarapirat said...

now, this is too great to be true.
im just exploring your blog, and was enjoying alot to read the last few posts, especially 'the forbidden city'.
and then now, being a swede in israel on lucia, longing for some glögg and lussekatter...
happy that someone else is sharing my favorite holiday.

Anonymous said...

bra start