Monday, August 11, 2008

Talking Heads

This is either the goofiest or most brilliant link I ever added to this blog, depending on how you deal with brown suits. A reading in a new compandium of secular Jewish thought stirred in me a new interest in Baruch Spinoza's daring approach. Now fancy that: Spinoza is on Youtube! Sometime in the 60s, Professor Anthony Quinton explained to host Brian Magee the relationship between Spinoza and Leibniz in a static, hour long feature, a dreary nightmare to some and an essential to visually inclined ADDers like me, who find reading philosophical primary sources challanging.

This is part of series of modern British philosophers discussing philosophical themes. All I have to do is pick my next one. the link featured is of A.J. Ayer discussing logical positivism, a movement in which he was a key player. He covers a lot of ground and is feeling relaxed enough to smoke at the studio. When falling ill last winter I found on Youtube every single season of the BBC's immortal sitcom "Allo Allo". It kept me alive for a good little extra while. Now the Brits offer more ancient televison goodness. As Spinoza would have it: God is in all creation, cyberspace not excluded.

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