Monday, August 25, 2008

יום בעיר

I'm not quite sure how this happened, but two books I authored got published within a week of one another. If "I'll Meet You Halfway" is a love story (of sorts) set in unique urban surroundings, "A Day on the Town" is a love song to the urban experience itself. I spent one day in each Israeli "city", i.e. a community of over 30,000 souls, then wrote 1000 words about each day. Alon Sigavy added upbeat, wonderfully rustic photography, Avner Haberfeld gave a knockout design, Einat Yakir edited the texts with great sensativity, Israel supplied grit and charm, peeling paint, sweet almond juice and cold beer, skyscrapers, chapels, sabich stands, poetry and adventure.


Theodore said...

Hey Yuval,

congradulations on that one,
every day something new makes me curse myself
for being away from Tel Aviv.

I just started working for the Weinstein company,
and ran into a script for a film that was adapted
from a novel by... Yoram Kaniuk. Ha.

May you take over the israeli public scene altogether, music, litterature, leisure and hey! politics, why not, it would do it some good.


Yuval said...

I pick you as my running mate. Start growing white hairs.