Monday, October 29, 2007

1918, 2004, 2007

It can happen twice in a decade or twice in a day for all I care. When the Red Sox win the world series - that's history.

Last time it happened was right after Israeli hip-hop suit Hadag Nahash performed in Boston's theater district. The only way I could convey to the band the magnitude of what just happened was to say: "The world has just come to an end." I invited them to go out with me and hug random strangers in what might be the most impersonal city in America.

In honor of that city, the one that taught me dedication and perseverance, that introduced me to the ninth inning stretch and to the true meaning of obsession, here's an on-point piece from "The Onion", published a couple of days before the current win.


Ariela said...

People are being arrested over this win!

Well it sounds more exciting than it really is, but I just got news that some 3 dozen fans have been detained for disorderly conduct. This is to say that they flipped over a pick up truck and torched a car or two while throwing full bottles of beer into the Boston night sky. For being such an impersonal city it would seem that Bostonians are good at finding alternative modes of expression.

Ariela said...

P.S. The show turned out to be wonderful last night. Much better than I had expected actually since I've frequented more than my fair share of Dead cover bands and am often unimpressed. You did make me in the mood for jazz so if you hear of a nice jam session in the near future give me a holler.

Yuval said...

Will do.

When the Sox won their semi final series against the Yankees in 04 (there's a name for this series, but this is where the limits of my knowledge get exposed) a girl actually died in the riots that ensued. Some kind of gas canister gas got shot in her face by the police.

Consequently the actual World Series celebrations ended up being a bit more subdues than you might expect, but they were'nt very subdued and this is exactly the the point of my hugging in an impersonal city comment. Boston removes both its Brahmin necktie and North Shore Blue collar when it comes to Baseball, then - anything can happen.

I'll take this oppurtunity to point out that the Israeli football league is fascinating this fall, with both Hapoel Tel-Aviv (my fave) and Maccabi Tel-Aviv completely crushed at the bottom of the chart. Maccabi hasn't yet won a single game this entire season, Bnei Sakhnin is doing well, but evil Beitar Jerusalem hasn't yet lost a game. As long as that's so, let's concentrate on Jazz.

homefris said...

i feel the need to defend my native Boston. and by defend i mean -- agree that Red Sox fans are legally insane. turning over trucks is the least of it. throw a little sam adams ale in there and we might as well be throwing knives. as crazy as they are, there's an odd sort of spirituality to the united feeling of the city after a win, even if it smells like beer pee and the potential despair just around the corner.

(thanks for acknowledging the win, nonetheless! it's tough being away from home on days like these. )

Yuval said...

Ariela, look what happened! we end up appearing to put down Boston. I'm sure neither of us meant to. Tonight I actually went out with a friend to a Norma Jean's, on Elifelet St. where fine Belgian trappist ale is served, and we both toasted a Sam Adam's in honor of the win.

I later got Abbaye Des Rocs too, but that's besides the point. Sam Adams is nice beer. Who the hell throws full bottles of beer away? Why not drink them first? Such wastefullness and disregard to the hard work of Massachussets hops and barley justifies these's guys' arrests, otherwise, I support them. You can't afford to not go wild when the hometeam wins.

Ok, there's always a good way to go wild, and many Bostonians certainly know it. I remember watching the first Patriots Superbowl win in Watertown with my friends Thea and Jake. Jake is an eighth grade teacher and one of the most dignified people I know. I'll never forgert his "YEAH BABYYY!" reactions to Tom Brady's terrific moves. I've learned to emulate them over the years. Now it's only up to Hapoel Tel-Aviv to give me a reason to "YEAH BABYYY!". Sadly they're not delivering.

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