Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Just Happened?

When somebody picks you up at four thirty on a Friday in Jaffa and drives you four hours onto a clifftop overlooking the majestic Syrian-African rift valley and massive mountains in Jordan and the lights of Aqaba along the distant shore of the Red Sea, and when you find yourself in a tent filled with 350 revelers dancing to three women, one wearing a large Afro hairdo, who sing Jewish bluegrass, and when late at night, under a Milky Way as dense as a Chinese city, a pretty young woman asks you whether the galaxy is larger than the solar system, while shooting stars fall frantically and futilely around you, and when you get to spend the entire following day in a pool of icy water overlooking a stark wasteland in which a lone man - a diver and expert in removing shipwrecks from the sea floor - walks barefoot, you may conclude that life is kinda hip.

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