Thursday, August 9, 2007

Three Two AM Snapshots

Suddenly the girls get up and start juggling fire. Some Japanese guy with dreadlocks and a huge beard is drumming. A neighbor from across Aboulafia Street, whose apartment overlooks this rooftop, stands bare chested at his window and looks on.

Vizan: "I think we wound up in some pagan ritual. soon they will sacrifice the whitest person around."

Shira: "That would be you."

Vizan: "What? I am 100% Mizrahi!"

Walking home alone down Jerusalem Avenue with a cheap pizza heartburn. Amazing music is being played from a boom box at the only open business - a corner kiosk. I pass it but then decide to return and ask who the singer is.

"Oum Kolsoum."

"Ah, alright."

Never will I call myself a Jaffoite again.



Yuval said...

Credit is due to Karine Rubin for the photo. I'm adding this here because I didn't want to spoil it with words. It was taken at the back of the Little Prince, which means a lot of people helped empty that bottle.

olivier said...

Vizan is 100% Mizrahi, I confirm...

olivier said...

By the way Yuval, you can find some new pictures by clicking here

Yuval said...

Nice. I like the "Nature Morte" best, that's a fourth 2 AM snapshot if there ever was one.